How Drop Shipping Order Fulfillment Process Takes Place?


The supply chain is a new term in the field of order fulfillment. The supply chain can be described as the process in which the manufacturer will pick the ordered product and directly ship it to the doorsteps of the customers. The supply chain is a new term that describes the path of product shipping from the warehouse to the doorstep of the customers.

Drop Shipping Service

Usually, drop-shipping services are not mentioned in the supply chain. It is not mentioned in the list of the supply chain then anyone can play the role of drop-shippers like manufacturer, retailer, or wholesaler.

If the product manufacturer wants to ship their products directly to the customers, then the manufacturer will act as the “drop-shippers”. Similarly, the merchant can offer drop-shipping to the customers.

Various third-party logistics service providers offer drop-shipping fulfillment services. If you have started a new eCommerce business, you should search for the best order fulfillment service providers. They will help in safely and quickly shipping your products to the customers.  

The dropshipping supply chain involves various players such as manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers. Now, you know what kinds of players are involved in the dropship fulfilment so it is time to dive deep inside this process.

Here, in this article, we are going to discuss in detail the complete process of order fulfillment:

1.Order Placed by Customers

The customer will place the order for a specific product online. The e-store owners will receive the order and they have to consider various important things and some of them are listed below:  

  • Customers will surf the website and find the desired product. Once the product is selected, online order will be placed.
  • Send notification to the customers after receiving the online order. This confirmation mail should be automatically generated and sent to the customer after receiving the online order.
  • If the payment has been made online, the paid amount will be automatically deposited into the account of the e-store owner. On the other hand, if the order is placed with cash on delivery, then the amount will be paid after delivering the order to the customer.

2.Order will Be Passed on To Supplier

Once the order is received by the e-commerce owners, it is further transferred to the suppliers. The suppliers will get the complete information regarding the online order placed. The suppliers will get to know whether the payment is received or not.

Also, they will get to know the complete address of the seller. Various sophisticated drop-shipping service providers support automatic order uploading as well as manual order placing. The dropshipping suppliers will start the further process after receiving the order.

3.Shipping of Product

If the ordered product is in stock, the drop shipping supplier will collect the product from the warehouse maintained by the manufacturer and directly ship the product to the customer’s doorstep. The supplier will pick the product, pack it, and load it so that the product can reach the destination as soon as possible.

The address of the customer will be printed over the packet along with the logo. In addition to this, the invoice will also appear over the packet along with the return address. The biggest benefit of the drop-shipment order fulfillment process is a quick turn -around time. It means that the customers will receive the ordered product as soon as possible.

The reputable drop-shipping service providers will be able to deliver the products at the doorsteps of the customers. Sometimes, the drop shipping service providers will ship the products directly to the doorstep of the customers. 

4.Send Alerts to Customer

Once the order is packed and shipped, the tracking number will be sent to the customer. The email notifications will act as an interface and keep the customers updated. Finally, when the order is delivered, a notification will be sent to the customer through email and phone message.

When the order is delivered, the final notification will be sent to the customers. If the order is received, then the suppliers will collect the payment (in case of cash on delivery). The alert messages are important to keep your customers updated.

The alert messages will help in gaining the trust of customers. You should send the alert message after receiving the order, packing the product, shipping the product, and final message after delivering the product.

Final Words:

The process of order fulfilment is quite critical and involves various stages. In this type of supply chain, the drop-shippers are invisible. The end customers will not be able to contact the drop-shippers. When the order is received by the customer, only the logo, return address and invoice will be mentioned over the packet. In case the customer receives the wrong product, the customer can directly contact the e-store owners.

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