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Hemant Lochav is an Indian Entrepreneur, Businessman, and Investor. He was born in India and founder and CEO of start-up that provides you a platform to sell/rent out properties at just 9000 INR(120$). He is also the founder of several other companies Webdomhost, Pitchfork Capital, and AnkaheAlfaaz (source crunchbase)

Besides these companies, Hemant owns stakes in some other companies also. He is an angel investor who invests in other early age startups.

We Found Out Hemant runs several businesses from Delhi, India.

Are You Wondering What Makes His Story Different?

Well, Hemant is 22 years old. Twenties is usually when most young people are halfway through college, but Hemant is making business deals.

According to online resources and wiki, Hemant Lochav has a Net Worth of $25 million^(Source)


Being online is just one of the innovations of business model. For example, he has moved away from Real Estate Agents with fancy cars, and flashy suits. Instead, accepting the use of modern technology, by mixing online and offline he creates a hybrid model.

Fact About Hemant Lochav?

  • Hemant has around 40K Instagram followers.
  • Hemant Lochav is the 22-year-old CEO of
  • He is a multi-millionaire serial entrepreneur.
  • His companies are now valued at $100+ million
  • Hemant had a business mentality from a young age.
  • Hemant Lochav has his own vision of the business, which has obviously proved successful for him

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