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A reseller is a person or organization who buys products or services to sell them again for profit not to use or consume them but it can be sold on losing too. They resale products or services as it is or sometimes add some changes to earn more profit.


Websites are the collection of web pages of different data according to the specific topic it can be published from at least one web server. They are infinite numbers of websites. You can easily search every type of website. Nashville web design will create Website on every topic or data you want. 

Website reseller:

Website resellers are those who buy websites and modify them and then sell them for profit. Website reselling is a web hosting business. Reseller hosting allows to host multiple clients and allows them to manage their orders independently. Without having your server and data center you can become a web hosting provider. Website reseller hosting provides an opportunity to sell hosting to others. Through selling web hosting to others you can start your own company and business or web hosting or website reseller. Few points are given below to follow up.

  1. Buy plan:

First, buy your hosting plan. There are different types of plans. Buy your suitable plan and sell it to others who need it.

  1. Whom to sell:

Sell your hosting plan who is managing 10 or more than 10 sites. It is more profitable to sell a website to those organizations or person who is holding 10 or more than 10 numbers of websites.

  1. Who will buy:

Webhosting is commonly used by web designers and online business holders or those who need it.

Best reseller hosting services:

  1. InMotion
  2. HostGator 
  3. GreenGreeks
  4. A2 hosting 
  5. Hostpapa


Use full for best money value. Pricing is about 29$-95$ per month. Client account depends upon the plan you buy, disk space required 80GB-260GB, bandwidth up to 800GB to 6TB, uptime performance is about 99.7%. feedback up is also free. If you want your money back, 90 days are offered for moneyback. 

HostGator :

Well-known for its unique features. Pricing about 23$ to 99$ per month, clients are unlimited and don’t depend on the plan quality you buy. 60GB to 250GB disk space is consumed. Bandwidth 600GB- 2500GB, Uptime performance is about 99.7%. backup is not free extra payment is required for this feature. The money-back offer is just for 45 days.


Very common for its green hosting. Pricing 29$-59$ per month. Clients numbers up to 80. The disk space required is 60 to 160. Bandwidth 600-1600. Up-tie performance 99.98%. free back up once a month and 25$ for extra backups, cPanel backup request is 5$. Get your money back within 30 days.

A2 Hosting:

A2 Hosting is known for its best support. Pricing per month 19$-61$. The number of clients account are 40 to 100. 30GB TO 200GB disk space is required, bandwidth 400GB to 200GB. Uptime performance 99.95%. free backups are also supported. Moneyback offer for 30 days. 


Best for beginners who start or want to start their web hosting business. Per month pricing 29$-119$. Client accounts number 20 to 60. Disk space is required or can be consumed from 50GB TO 250GB. Bandwidth is upto 500GB to2.5TB. impressive uptime performance 99.97%, free backups are also available but for a limited number of domains.


All these best hosting sellers are based on different and best qualities like pricing, unique features, green hosting, best support, a platform for beginners who want to start or already start up their web hosting business, and many more.

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Technology & Inovation

Motorola Bluetooth Radios: Quick Guide to Their Benefits




It’s important to do the work you do. When it comes to saving lives, building our city, or transporting vital goods, there is one piece of the puzzle that can elevate the way your team functions: Bluetooth radios. 


As a result, Bluetooth radios eliminate the need for wires without compromising connectivity between devices. Bluetooth transmits signals to wirelessly connect devices rather than relying on cords. Users of Bluetooth two-way radios are able to still use headphones, microphones, earpieces, and more, without the distraction and potential hazards associated with wires.


Each second counts when it comes to your work, especially when safety is at stake. A TK3000 device is more than just convenient. Your team will stay safe with these radios since no wires, cords, or bulky accessories will get in the way. In what other ways can Bluetooth help your team communicate better? 

●       Communication that is discreet. This can be crucial to your industry. Private security and hospMany private security and hospitality applications require communication between staffers. Staff members inconspicuously. 

●       Mobile accessibility. Your team will be mobile in no time thanks to Bluetooth’s hands-free nature. With Bluetooth, your team can save countless seconds by avoiding wires. First responders are especially in need of this level of responsiveness.


The Motorola Bluetooth radio family offers a number of features to meet the voice and data communication needs of your team and your work environment:

●       A series of XPR7000e. Motorola Bluetooth radios with advanced safety and productivity features meet the needs of your team with durable digital radios. Bluetooth provides improved waterproofing, battery life, and range while maintaining crystal clear audio quality.

●       There is a new series of SL7000e units. This line of high-performance two-way radios comes with Bluetooth 4.0 and indoor location tracking capabilities, packaged in a sleek and durable design that fits right in your pocket.

●       ASC 3500. This two-way radio provides Bluetooth capabilities at an affordable price. It provides durability and discretion for the ultimate communication tool. Connect to Wi-Fi networks for wireless

●        Update software and check information using the simple and easy to read the screen. 


Each second counts when it comes to your work, especially when safety is at stake. A Bluetooth radio is more than just convenient. Radios like these can help your team stay safe by eliminating wires, cords, and bulky accessories that can complicate the job at hand. What other ways can Bluetooth enhance communication on your team? 

●       Communication that is discreet. Disclosed communication can be crucial depending on your industry. There is often the need to communicate with other staff members inconspicuously in private security and hospitality applications. 

●       Mobile accessibility. Your team will be mobile in no time thanks to Bluetooth’s hands-free nature. With Bluetooth, your team can save countless seconds by avoiding wires. First responders are especially in need of this level of responsiveness.

●       Regulation Compliance: Some industries require mobile fleets to follow strict regulations that prevent them from handling mobile devices, Bluetooth delivers reliable communications to help ensure the safety of teams and is compliant.

●       Reliability. Motorola Bluetooth radios are as rugged as you need them to be, so you can maximize your team’s productivity wherever you are.

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Technology & Inovation

8 Dominant Copywriting Tips & Tactics



Copywriting is an art. Using the right words, setting up the right tone, answering relevant questions, bringing the content alive with infographics and visuals to create an impression among the readers are all the building blocks of Copywriting. Copywriting may make or break a deal. Hence it is very important to pay utmost attention to all the building blocks of a content 

Copywriting plays a major role in the marketing world today. Good content helps in persuading and convincing the customers to purchase a product or service of a company. It also helps in building a brand, creating awareness about the product, and establishing a long-lasting relationship between the company and the customers.  

So to all those copywriters out there, whether you are a professional copywriter or a novice, the following tips and tactics will take your content reach greater heights and sharpen your copywriting skills.

For Businesses who find it tough to create quality content for their website, marketing channels, and blogs, you can head over to Gigzoe and hire quality content writers for website content writing services and

  1. Put yourself in the shoes of your readers

Before starting a blog, get a clear understanding of who is your target audience and what are their needs. Each word that you write should be a solution to your readers’ problem. You should do a thorough study about your audience’s state of mind, their culture, dreams, etc. so that the piece of content that you write directly reaches deep into the hearts and minds of your ideal customer.

  1. Make it simpler and shorter

Make sure that you don’t exploit your readers’ time. Your readers’ time and attention are precious and once they lose it, it is very difficult to get them on track. It is redundant to use over 1000 words in a place where a topic can be clearly explained in 500 words. To get rid of this, expand your vocabulary to make your writing more precise. At the same time, it is not advisable to use plenty of rarely used words on the blog which may exhaust the readers.

  1. The Power of Storytelling

It is always great to write content in the way of storytelling. It should trigger the imagination of your readers and build an emotional connection. When delivered in a story format, it is easy to remember and the information is retained in the brain for a long time. For example: When you are writing marketing or sales content, you can include the story of the previous happy customers of your products which includes their buying experiences or feedback. This may add value to the products that you intend to sell.

  1. Frame a catchy Headline

All the readers enter your blog only after seeing your headline. You should frame a clever, intriguing, promising, and straightforward headline so that it lures the readers and entice them to click and read further. It is advisable to include the following elements in your headline.

  • Use numbers: Headlines with numbers have a high conversion rate. Numbers like 3, 10, 20 are commonly used
  • Keywords: Make use of certain keywords like tips, tricks, techniques, secrets, etc, to gain attention among the readers
  • Adjectives: Certain words like stunning, magnanimous, brilliant, dazzling, etc, will attract the eyeballs 
  1. Begin with freewriting

Before commencing a blog, do freewriting on the topic. Freewriting is basically covering all the key points to be involved in the blog without paying much attention to the rules and regulations, grammatical errors, feedback, and topic deviation. Once you do freewriting, you’ll get confidence about how to proceed further with the blog 

  1. Skip the introduction for now

If the introduction to a blog is ruined, then your entire blog is at stake. A copywriter should contribute maximum effort in framing a catchy and proper introduction. So, it is better to complete all the other parts of the blog and then write a relevant introduction at the last. This rule mostly holds if you are writing longer blogs. 

  1. Call to Action

A Call to Action (CTA) is generally added at the end of the blog to direct the readers to take the desired action. It is mandatory to add CTA at the end. Else, the blog has no value. The ultimate goal of increasing the viewership is to increase the conversion rate. But without CTA, all the steps taken before becomes futile. The CTA can be anything like directing the readers to the product page, to fill the newsletter form, or creating an account

  1. Make use of Stats and Facts

Including well-researched facts and statistics will help in supporting your claims and build trust among the readers. You can also ignore negative words throughout the content. You can use other alternative words in place of these negative words. For example: Use ‘ridiculous’ instead of stupid and use ‘entertaining’ instead of funny. Make use of powerful words like “Free”,” New”,” Long”, etc, which will create an impact among the readers.

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Technology & Inovation

The Use of technology in human’s life and its benefits



The world is advancing toward smart technologies. The two-wheeler industry is additionally adapting a number of the smart features which can be common within the future. Various manufacturers are developing their own Bluetooth smart connectivity systems like TVS SmartXonnect and Hero Bluetooth Connect. 

However, we aren’t talking about this technology during this blog. What we’ll be discussing is Hero’s Connect system. The previous Bluetooth connectivity system was limited to a number of the premium bikes but the Hero Connect system was launched for its commuter bikes also.

Let’s see what features we can get with this technique.

Basically, it’s a cloud-based feature so we’ve to put in an app and therein app, we’ll get certain notifications and stats.


Hero MotoCorp recently launched the Destini 125 Platinum model that adds a couple of cosmetic detailing on the scooter to make it look better than the quality model. The bike producer has now prepared the 125 cc passage level bike with Hero Connect included. consistent with the corporate , this is often a sensible mobility solution and may be purchased as an adjunct for a premium of ₹4,999.

This suggests if you would like to get Hero Destini 125 with Hero Connect provision, then you’ll need to spend ₹77,049 (72,050 + 4,999) for the top-end Platinum model. except for this extra cost, the user will get a plethora of data at their disposal.

Effectively accessible with bikes like Hero Xtreme 160R, Xpulse 200, and Pleasure Plus, the Hero Connect will furnish the proprietor with data like outing investigation and driving score on the cell phone. 

The rider also will receive notifications for topple alert, two away alert, geo-fence alert, and speed alert. Furthermore, riders also will be ready to track (live tracking) and locate their scooter and navigate thereto using Google maps.

Use of Technology

In case if the bike topples during the crash, it’ll immediately send the app notification and SMS to your registered mobile number and emergency contacts. The feature we expect is the best feature for any motorcycle. In many crash cases, the death of the person occurs thanks to late arrival of medical needs. This feature will surely save many lives.

Trip Analysis 

It helps us to ascertain the space travelled, time is taken and route is taken, and stores data for about six months. So it’s almost like Google Maps but with this feature, we don’t have to have mobile phones while riding. Driving Score.

The driving scores are some sort of a mark sheet, you get to understand how well your bike is driven. This may assist you to manage an honest economy and bike condition.

Also if your friends, loved one, etc rides your motorcycle then you’ll determine the one that rides harshly. Speed Alert – you’ll set the regulation and if anyone riding a motorcycle crosses the regulation then you’ll get notified for it.

Live Tracking 

The kit also has GPS integrated so you’ll track your motorcycle in real-time and also see the driving paths and speed. So it’s a pleasant feature indeed and can surely help decrease the theft. Tow Away Alert – albeit the bike isn’t in started, you continue to get the notification if any unauthorised vehicle movement is detected like towing. Geo-Fence Alert – The geo-fence includes fundamentally cautions you by sending you a warning if the vehicle leaves from or shows up at set spots. 

You can get this technique fitted while shopping for through the manufacturer. The introductory price is kept at Rs 4,999, however, it’ll be priced Rs 6,499 later. We hope an identical sort of feature will be offered by other manufacturer’s also.

Bottom Line

With this new cloud-enabled service, the corporation aims to reinforce the riding experience of consumers , at an equivalent time making their overall experience safer and smarter, he added.

Hero Connect uses telematics hardware with a built-in SIM that’s securely fitted within the vehicle. It uses the cellular network to supply a gateway for communication between the appliance and device.

While the cloud will store the info , the app will receive the knowledge from the cloud and display it on the mobile.

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