The Use of technology in human’s life and its benefits


The world is advancing toward smart technologies. The two-wheeler industry is additionally adapting a number of the smart features which can be common within the future. Various manufacturers are developing their own Bluetooth smart connectivity systems like TVS SmartXonnect and Hero Bluetooth Connect. 

However, we aren’t talking about this technology during this blog. What we’ll be discussing is Hero’s Connect system. The previous Bluetooth connectivity system was limited to a number of the premium bikes but the Hero Connect system was launched for its commuter bikes also.

Let’s see what features we can get with this technique.

Basically, it’s a cloud-based feature so we’ve to put in an app and therein app, we’ll get certain notifications and stats.


Hero MotoCorp recently launched the Destini 125 Platinum model that adds a couple of cosmetic detailing on the scooter to make it look better than the quality model. The bike producer has now prepared the 125 cc passage level bike with Hero Connect included. consistent with the corporate , this is often a sensible mobility solution and may be purchased as an adjunct for a premium of ₹4,999.

This suggests if you would like to get Hero Destini 125 with Hero Connect provision, then you’ll need to spend ₹77,049 (72,050 + 4,999) for the top-end Platinum model. except for this extra cost, the user will get a plethora of data at their disposal.

Effectively accessible with bikes like Hero Xtreme 160R, Xpulse 200, and Pleasure Plus, the Hero Connect will furnish the proprietor with data like outing investigation and driving score on the cell phone. 

The rider also will receive notifications for topple alert, two away alert, geo-fence alert, and speed alert. Furthermore, riders also will be ready to track (live tracking) and locate their scooter and navigate thereto using Google maps.

Use of Technology

In case if the bike topples during the crash, it’ll immediately send the app notification and SMS to your registered mobile number and emergency contacts. The feature we expect is the best feature for any motorcycle. In many crash cases, the death of the person occurs thanks to late arrival of medical needs. This feature will surely save many lives.

Trip Analysis 

It helps us to ascertain the space travelled, time is taken and route is taken, and stores data for about six months. So it’s almost like Google Maps but with this feature, we don’t have to have mobile phones while riding. Driving Score.

The driving scores are some sort of a mark sheet, you get to understand how well your bike is driven. This may assist you to manage an honest economy and bike condition.

Also if your friends, loved one, etc rides your motorcycle then you’ll determine the one that rides harshly. Speed Alert – you’ll set the regulation and if anyone riding a motorcycle crosses the regulation then you’ll get notified for it.

Live Tracking 

The kit also has GPS integrated so you’ll track your motorcycle in real-time and also see the driving paths and speed. So it’s a pleasant feature indeed and can surely help decrease the theft. Tow Away Alert – albeit the bike isn’t in started, you continue to get the notification if any unauthorised vehicle movement is detected like towing. Geo-Fence Alert – The geo-fence includes fundamentally cautions you by sending you a warning if the vehicle leaves from or shows up at set spots. 

You can get this technique fitted while shopping for through the manufacturer. The introductory price is kept at Rs 4,999, however, it’ll be priced Rs 6,499 later. We hope an identical sort of feature will be offered by other manufacturer’s also.

Bottom Line

With this new cloud-enabled service, the corporation aims to reinforce the riding experience of consumers , at an equivalent time making their overall experience safer and smarter, he added.

Hero Connect uses telematics hardware with a built-in SIM that’s securely fitted within the vehicle. It uses the cellular network to supply a gateway for communication between the appliance and device.

While the cloud will store the info , the app will receive the knowledge from the cloud and display it on the mobile.

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