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In the middle of forced isolation and unlimited time to get self-reflection, many people have been awaiting our pasts as a period we took for granted.  Some have taken into their phones to message older flames, while others crave for the summer adventure of the past.  For Jupiter Jayne, this period has attracted distance to bear all and admit: I must have never obtained it with you. An emerging talent using an enormously promising artistic career before him.Jupiter Jayne, a.k.a. Bernard Gunter, pop/dance singer, songwriter, and producer.

He is working from Los Angeles. Influenced by Lady Gaga, Prince, and Queen, Jupiter has developed a single style that has been heard on Top 40 radio stations and podcasts globally, monitored with A-List manufacturers, and lit up dance floors everywhere lovers love new music.  His most recent track,”Before I Go,” was published in January 2021.   You can stream the latest song ‘’Before I Go ‘’ by Jupiter Jayne on spotify & soundcloud

Short Bio

Emerging from a youth of piano and Magix Music Maker, Jupiter Jayne has been directing and performing songs for almost his lifetime.  Produced in South Africa and now living in LA, Jupiter Jayne has formed a reputation for composing, creating, and singing pop monitors, which appeal to faithful fans and radio airplay alike.  Together with the intent of embracing peace, his discography spans feel-good club strikes to pure, unfiltered honesty that’s mixed seamlessly with Jupiter Jayne’s yearnful vocals. 

His interest in creation from a young age has put up Jupiter Jayne for an experimental and adventuresome performer, mixing pulsating EDM with soulful pop lyricism to make real songs from his adventures.  Within this track, a cascade of all synths washes over vocals and delivers a feeling reminiscent of wild yet thrilling club nights outside.  Luscious and addictive, Jupiter Jayne transfers us so reluctantly into the celestial lights of the dancefloor with The Day I Met U. 

More about Jayne

Originally from South Africa, Jupiter found digital manufacturing applications early on, which resulted in experiments with loops and songwriting that placed him on the road to getting the artist he is today.  His picture, along with his strong self-expression, set Jupiter aside for any prospective competition and maintained him in his creative area in any way.  If asked why he does so, he explained, “I love to listen to songs which makes me feel great, and consequently, I produce music which makes others feel great.  My love for my fans keeps me stimulated.  My songs will surely make you feel nice and inspire you in the club, spa, shower, or automobile.”   Dance/Pop lovers are advised to join the motion.  He is what is next.

Verser Rhythm

Verses are rapped with simple rhythm, flowing off the tongue and alerting us that we’re able to dance our sorrows — just in the boundaries of our four partitions.  In the debilitating dishonesty of You took me for a fool / Caught you in the action / You tried to play it cool’ into the recovery of electricity Give me my colors / Do not wish to see you hating’,” Jupiter Jayne has adopted the abundance of emotion involved with his previous participation.  The blindness of love torn by heartbreak and a growing alienation in the person you knew, raised up from the eye-opening character of recovery.  That is a bittersweet anthem of a love which wasn’t really pure, of a love filled with harsh lessons.

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