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Buying Property in Belize: A Guide



This is one of the few nations in the world where foreigners have the same rights as residents regarding land ownership and tenure – and beachside property is easy to get.

A little-known advantage for individuals looking to invest in Belize real estate is that there is no Capital Gains Tax. So, if you buy land and sell it for a profit, you pay no Capital Gains Tax since all earnings are yours. Condos are a rising element of the real estate market, and the nation has current laws to manage this kind of property ownership based on the well-known strata concept utilized in first-world countries.

Basic Tips for Real Estate

The cheap cost of property and housing in Belize land is one of its biggest draws for retirees and expatriates. Luxury projects in North America may cost a lot. But you can also buy raw land at costs not seen in the U.S. since the 1960s and rent a basic but charming seaside cottage for around $200 a month.

In local Belize, real estate scams are common. Avoid fast-talking salespeople, real estate agents, and lawyers. Feel free to walk away or take your time on real estate transactions. Don’t let the real estate agent influence you. North American immigrants have taken over Belize’s real estate sector. It’s natural to feel more comfortable with someone who looks, speaks, and is from your country.

A licensed Belize land real estate agent or an ethical attorney-at-law should handle real estate land transactions. Ensure the Government Land Registry conducts a Title Search and that the real estate you’re buying is free of liens, judgments, and encumbrances. A local attorney’s title search should cost $250.

One of the easiest methods to prevent getting ripped off and receive a better price is to identify the property’s owner and cut out the real estate agent. Your taxi driver may help you explore the property and chat with neighbors. Hire a Belize attorney or specialist to negotiate, examine the title, and buy from the owner. Belize’s lawyers are corrupt like any other profession. Buying property via a local attorney costs 2–5% of the property value. Real estate agents charge extra and work for the owner and themselves to acquire a high price and commission.

Title Free and Clear, either individually or corporately, is the best method to own real estate. Banks or credit unions may mortgage the property. Condominiums and land get Free and Clear titles. “Strata” titles are used to buy condos. It takes 30–90 days to buy a house.

Belize Strata Titles

Condominium titles in Belize are issued under Chapter 196 of the Laws of Belize. This ordinance allows Belizean developers to build condominiums and provide freehold ownership to each unit.

Caribbean condominiums are typically two- to four-story buildings used by vacationing foreigners rather than high-rise, multistory complexes utilized by natives as their primary abode. Co-operative apartment living and property owners’ economic benefits are combined in the idea. These stratum developments are particularly frequent in San Pedro Ambergris Caye, Hopkins, and Placencia. Luxury condominiums for the rich are becoming more popular in newer buildings. Some owners rent out their condominiums to pay off their mortgages.

Developers get unit titles when registering Strata Applications. Every buyer becomes a member of the Corporation (known in the US as the “Homeowner’s Association”) after that. The Corporation then manages, maintains, and upkeeps the Development’s common spaces by the registered By-Laws.

Real Estate Financing

Local offshore banks may lend to foreigners in U.S. dollars. The highest you may borrow is 60–80% of the property’s worth. Interest ranges from 8.5% to 12%. Foreigners buying real estate usually pay cash or borrow at cheaper interest rates in their native nations. Local banks have in-house lawyers to defend their loan portfolios, making them a good choice for real estate finance.

Owner financing, when the seller offers part financing for the buyer, generally involves the buyer putting down 30% cash and the owner financing the remainder at 6–8% over five to 10 years. If you’re purchasing property for investment or retirement, you may engage a property management business to rent it out while you’re away and have renters pay for most of the purchase.

Property Taxes

Belize property taxes are low. On Ambergris Caye, a $250,000 home or apartment pays less than $375 in property taxes. Some smart investors buy rural property with extremely cheap taxes.

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Answering Services: The Smart Way for Small Businesses to Save Money



If you’re a small business owner, you know that it’s important to save money. One way to do this is by hiring an answering service. Answering services can help your business save time and money by taking calls from customers who have questions or issues with your company. It’s also good for customer relations because it eliminates the need for customer service reps to call back or email customers back with their answers.

What are Answering Services?

If you’re looking for a way to save money, time and energy—and make more sales—answering services can be your answer.

Answering services are a great way to get more sales in the business world. They allow you to focus on what matters most: growing your company while staying efficient and organized. These professionals take all of the stress out of answering calls so that you aren’t spending hours each day on customer service duties that could be better spent focusing on other aspects of running your business or making money through direct marketing campaigns like email marketing or social media ads.

What to look for in an answering service

When you’re looking for an answering service, there are a few important things to consider. First, check out their website and see if they have any reviews or testimonials from previous customers. If not, ask for some! Also look at their customer service page and see how many people have left positive feedback on it. Finally, do some research into the company’s experience in your industry before making a decision on whether or not they’re right for your small business needs—if they don’t seem like they will be able to handle what comes up during busy periods (like when everyone calls at once), then consider going with another vendor instead.

How to find a local answering service

The first step to finding an answering service is to do some research. You can start by searching Google for local companies that provide this service, or ask friends and family if they’ve used one in the past. If you don’t have any friends or family members who work in business, consider asking mentors at your local community college or other nearby organizations that offer advice on starting up a small business. Another option is to check out your local chamber of commerce’s website; they might be able to direct you towards an answering service that has been recommended by other small businesses in town!

Avoid calling or emailing your customers.

Avoid calling or emailing your customers. It’s a huge time suck and can be extremely frustrating for both the customer and the business owner. Instead of dealing with customer service, use an answering service that will handle all of this for you by doing exactly what it says: answering calls from customers and sending out emails to those who need to get in touch with you.

Many companies offer this type of service as part of their package deal, but if not then there are plenty of other options available on the market today that can save money without sacrificing quality or reliability while still providing excellent value when compared against traditional phone numbers.


Answering services are the latest trend in small business management. They allow you to manage your communications, while saving money and time. Here’s why answering services are so beneficial for small businesses: Answering services save money by reducing your overhead and eliminating the need for an in-house staff. Answering services are more reliable than traditional phone lines because they don’t rely on any equipment or technology that could malfunction at any time.

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Meta Investor Perspective



A year ago, Facebook announced the renaming of the company to Meta Platforms with a new growth strategy and a bet on the Metaverse. At the time it seemed promising, which made many people recommend buying their stock, but in the end we see -66% and a valuation by multiples 2 times lower than the average for the sector. Is such a drop justified and is the stock interesting to buy now?

What to do with this position from a business perspective and from an investor’s perspective? 

Metaverse Meta Platforms development and FB stock price target prospects

Before we get to the financials, let’s take a look at Metaverse’s development performance as represented by virtual platform Horizon Worlds. Another important part of Metaverse and Meta’s development plan is virtual reality, which showed excellent revenue dynamics — for the 6 months of 2022, the revenue from this area was $1 146 million (2% of total sales), which exceeded the previous year’s value by 37%. At the end of 2021, the growth was twofold. This is mainly due directly to an increase in sales of hardware products.

But in the last report for 9 months of 2022, the results got worse — in 3 months of the third quarter. revenue from the direction almost halved, so the total result for 9 months was almost the same as in 2021. The company attributes this to high inflation and has recently increased prices for devices, which should partially offset the current drop in revenue in the future. Up-to-date news about the company can be found at 

Important point for FB after hours stock price

The Reality Labs segment is generating large net losses for the company because of its large costs: since the beginning of 2022, spending has totaled $9,438 million, and total spending on the segment since 2020 is already estimated to exceed $20 billion, which certainly affects the company’s overall results.

Meta management understands this and recently announced plans to cut the number of employees by 20% and limit spending on the Metaverse to $5 billion a year. But this will still put pressure on the FB stock price target until the company proves to investors that these funds are not thrown away into an unknown future.

Obviously, Metaverse’s direction is a very long-term bet. More long-term and time-consuming than many would expect. It takes a lot of energy and money out of the company, and so far it has only brought losses and reputational problems. Of course, Meta can cover all of this through large and growing advertising revenue, and the investment will at least partially pay for itself sooner or later. So we recommend considering Amazon stock price predictions as a more relevant tool for investors. 

We see a strong undervaluation, but it is directly related to the company’s declining results. It could fully materialize after the successful implementation of Metaverse’s development strategy, which can only happen in the long term. After all, undervalued multiples are normal for value companies.

Current Situation 

Almost half of the world’s population per month uses meta’s services! This means that advertising revenue will continue to be high, and the potential for new directions, if properly presented, will be enormous. After all, even a very small proportion of Meta ecosystem users represent a huge audience.


Meta-Platforms currently faces big challenges both internally and externally. Betting on Metaverse’s development so far only brings contention and huge losses; advertising revenue is declining, and the company’s image is being tarnished. All this, together with high inflation and macroeconomic problems, creates unprecedented pressure on the stock.

If the bet on developing virtual reality and Metaverse proves successful and starts generating cash flows, investors may once again overvalue FB after hours stock price. Therefore, it is important to keep an eye on the performance of the Reality Labs segment, which is only eating into the company’s cash for now.

Right now, buying Meta Platforms stock is a long-term investment for any investor. Until the new strategy is fully implemented, we can expect the dynamics typical of value companies with a strong reaction to news and company reports. From that perspective, Amazon stock price target may be more interesting. 

So far this reaction is negative, but things may change in the future — management is gradually making the right moves (raising prices, limiting new investments, communicating with investors — Mark Zuckerberg personally urges investors to be patient). It remains either to watch as a “stuck” investor in the stock or from the sidelines.

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Netflix show brings back Blockbuster, yet a few brands ought to remain dead


on serial

Web-based features are loaded with accounts of the dead reawakening. They’re likewise crammed with dead or practically dead serial

 brands. Shows like More odd Things have not just given new life to 1980s pop works of art like Kate Shrubbery’s Running up that Slope yet in addition previous tech symbols like Polaroid.

One of Netflix’s most recent shows goes past item position by putting a dead brand, Blockbuster, at the focal point of the dramatization. The story is set in the last Blockbuster retail outlet in the USA and spotlights representatives’ endeavors to save the store, unexpectedly despite the assault of Netflix.

Sentimentality is the same old thing. Individuals frequently pine for a past that appeared to be more straightforward, and genuine, and once in a while even partner brands with youth. Blockbuster might be viewed as a social www.vadamalli. com

 center point for some twenty to thirty-year-olds, in the manner in which the record store was for some in age X (see Scratch Hornby’s High Loyalty). Such centers are frequently connected with recollections, for example, investigating new sorts, or in any event, managing pompous agents condemning one’s absence of taste.

Netflix trusts watchers will genuinely draw in with a tale about a worldwide brand in its final breaths. Yet, research uncovers that customers have a mind-boggling relationship with dead brands. The relaunch of the true Star Wars film establishment in 1999 and the VW Slug-bug in 1997 provoked warm fan banter about whether the retro-styled new deliveries were valid.

Many contended they were inspired by simply business choices that sat in conflict with the first goal of their makers. Devotees of the thiramala. com

 ceased Apple Newton versatile computerized gadget held a strict conviction for an inevitable return (they’re actually pausing). Residents of previous East Germany commended the predominance of long-dead “Ossi” brands of toppings via virtual entertainment as an approach to managing a feeling of aggregate character misfortune subsequent to being converged with entrepreneur West Germany after the fall of the Berlin Wall (at last large numbers of the brands were relaunched).

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